Posted by: L. E. Barnes | September 17, 2012

Monday Message

What’s wrong with our society’s “hookup culture”? Fr. Robert Barron offers some insights:





  1. I don’t want to be a “savvy headhunter.” The description of a predatory woman stifling her creativity and using men. Sickening. Denigrating to women. The Anti-Mary.

    I only first heard of the “hook up” term a few years ago and was horrified that it was being either encouraged or tolerated at Catholic Campuses. Parents who don’t teach their children to think for themselves and not do what everybody else is doing are raising their kids to misery. Included in that is raising kids without an informed conscience.

    • Sin is never liberating, no matter what popular culture may say about it. And it’s sad that the level of promiscuity among American Catholics is no better than that of society in general. How did this state of affairs come about?

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