Posted by: L. E. Barnes | July 27, 2012

English Is Tough!

As a former English instructor, I just love this:

Yes, the English language just won’t be denied! Is it any wonder that it has become the preeminent international language?



  1. I like this post. English allows us to say beautiful things in so many ways and express our passions with hardy punctuation. But we have such a great and varied heritage in our language we need to take care that it doesn’t become impoverished by the “street”.

    • I agree, but I fear it may be too late…

  2. The wonder that is English. Thank goodness it was never inhibited by the equivalent of the Académie française.

    • How true! Frankly, I doubt any people are as uptight about their language as the French are!

  3. I love this! I have to share it with my students!

    • Yes, it would be a humorous way to introduce the history and development of the English language!

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