Posted by: L. E. Barnes | July 7, 2012

Three Cheers for (Classical Christian) Education

Well, it appears I’ve managed to make a bit of a difference in the blogosphere.

Recently, fellow blogger Magister Christianus wrote a post about education that prompted me to respond with a few comments of my own. This led to more posts by Magister. One is a response to my comments to his first blog post; a second addresses an issue touched on by comments a reader made to one of my posts. And in that post, which focuses on appropriate qualifications for teachers, Magister doesn’t mince words:

Why does most, if not all, staff development at schools involve the insulting instruction of college-educated adults in new approaches to daily routines? Why do so many teachers pursue advanced degrees in more of the same? Truly, the progression of B.S. to M.S. to Ph.D. must stand here for Bull Shit, More of the Same, Piled higher and Deeper.

And I thought he provided a reasonable defense for his using abrasive language:

I actually debated whether to spell the “s” word with an asterisk in the middle, but obviously chose otherwise. Why? I have gone many rounds with myself and with my wife over the years about what, if any, is the proper use of so-called “four letter words.” Does profanity or vulgarity have a place in civilized, educated, and/or faithful discourse? At the end of the day, I believe it does, and in this case, I chose to spell out the word in question because, quite simply, it fit. The nonsense masquerading as an undergraduate degree in education does not deserve the respect that one would show one’s grandmother by using a euphemism. It is bullshit, pure and simple. While I do not think that constant use of vulgarity is appropriate, and never in ad hominem attacks, this was one instance where I felt it justified.

Now he has added yet another post about classical Christian learning. Please check it out and weigh in on this important issue. I suspect (and hope) that more discussion will be forthcoming, but of course, what we’d really like to see is something practical come out of this. Making a difference in the blogosphere is nice, yet without real-world results, the blogosphere is just another arena for people to vent hot air.



  1. Evan, I’ve had a lot of fun reading Magister’s posts and yours and joining the discussion. I think any problem can be solved by “thinking outside the box” and not constraining ourselves to conventional wisdom. I also think that getting independent thinkers together and brainstorming can add a lot. Just keep ideologues out of the discussion because all we’d get are talking points.

    • Yep, we don’t need more blowhards getting in the way of things! Thanks for joining the discussion.

  2. Evan and Barb, thank you both for participating in this, as Evan says, important issue. Evan, I could not agree more with wanting to see something develop from the conversation. Do you remember Charlie, who wanted to be called “Nuwanda” in the movie Dead Poets Society? At one point he said to the guys in the cave, “If all we’re doing is sitting around reading poetry, then what are we doing?” He wanted the spirit of the DPS to go further. Of course, in our case, there can be nothing if God is not leading it. I pray for His inspiration, direction, and provision.

    • Amen!

      Got any ideas?

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