Posted by: L. E. Barnes | May 29, 2012

Eerie Phase of History

I guess you could say we live in interesting times…



  1. I especially love the part about being judgmental–seems that is the only real sin recognized these days of course the definition of it is that you think what I want to do is wrong

    • Yes, the proponents of “tolerance” have a very strange–and limited–idea about what tolerance is.

  2. I’m not sure he’s right about this being the first time vice has held the moral high ground. There were plenty of instances in ancient Rome, for instance–you know, the orgies, the puking so you can stuff yourself again. Every generation thinks it’s worse than the one that came before, but I think human nature tends to be the same in every age. Not that that undermines the essential point, considering what happened to Rome…

    • When you look at human history as a whole, then yes, I agree that vice has held the high ground in different places and at different times. He’s probably thinking of society in more recent times. And true, we would do well to keep in mind what happens when we allow vice to take the high ground.

      • Yup.

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