Posted by: L. E. Barnes | April 30, 2012

Monday Message

Being born again, being a “born-again” Christian, having a “born-again” experience — you’ve probably encountered such expressions many times. Growing up a charismatic evangelical, I heard them on a constant basis.

But what does “born again” actually mean? And how does a Catholic understanding of being born again differ from an evangelical view? Fr. Robert Barron expounds on these things. First, an appetizer:



And now the main course:





  1. I loved the statement, “The Lord and I are working on it,” regarding being saved. If anyone asks me the question I will now know what to say. Thanks for bringing us Father Barron every week and also sharing your evangelical experience.

    I have a Baptist friend who is a premillenialist rapture believer and have given up trying to overcome the Protestant “I can interpret Scripture the way I want” business. My experience with her is showing me how tremendously blessed I have been to have been born Catholic and to have had a solid Catholic education. Since all the big questions are settled, I can work daily with the Lord to co-operate with His grace. Praise Him forever! I do pray for her and her husband to enter the Church some day.

    • I hope they will enter the Church too!

      Sadly, there are many ex-Catholics out there who insist that they didn’t truly have a “born-again” experience until they left the Catholic Church and joined an evangelical or fundamentalist church. And all too many evangelicals and fundamentalists have a dim view of the Catholic Church in no small part due to what they’ve heard from such ex-Catholics! Of course, much of the time it’s doubtless the result of having been poorly catechized or exposed to bad examples, but it also stems from misunderstandings of Catholic teaching on salvation.

      I think I’ll need to have more posts on this subject! And I need to get back to actually writing posts in addition to having videos such as this (though I’m glad Fr. Barron puts these out!).

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed week!


  2. I was just thinking about this yesterday as we had a baptism at Mass.

    (BTW, I’m looking forward to seeing posts from you, too!)

    • Thanks! 🙂

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