Posted by: L. E. Barnes | January 23, 2012

Monday Message

The following video, posted earlier this month on YouTube, has managed to attract a lot of attention:

The sentiments expressed by the young man in that video are ones that I encountered frequently among evangelicals as I was growing up. But how sound are such sentiments? Fr. Robert Barron, a Catholic priest and leader of Word on Fire, offers some excellent feedback:



  1. I haven’t bothered to listen to that young man’s video. I’m sure he didn’t say anything I’ve heard before from those who “hate religion but love Jesus”.

    I did listen to Fr. Barron’s responses, though and they were spot on!

    • The young man in the video doesn’t say anything new, and while there are elements of truth in what he says, I think Fr. Barron does a really good job of exposing the problems with that fellow’s overall mindset. It really comes down to creating a false dilemma–i.e., that you have to choose between embracing Christ or embracing a religion. The simple fact is that Christianity is indeed a religion, yet it’s the religion that contains the fulness of truth. And following Christ means following the Christian religion.

  2. Father Barron makes great points. As Americans we are fiercely independent and individualistic, but without the Mystical Body of Christ bringing Him to all, most people wouldn’t know about Jesus. I am reminded that we are never saved alone. We are part of something much larger than ourselves. If we get to heaven, it will be on the backs of others who prayed for us. And on the back of Christ, of course.

    • I agree with him that we Americans often are too individualistic for our own good. As the saying goes, no one is an island, and that’s especially true for us Christians. We comprise the body of Christ and are therefore meant to work with one another, not be off in our own little world.

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