Posted by: L. E. Barnes | October 18, 2011

Foot-in-Mouth Disease

Yet another celebrity proves she suffers from foot-in-mouth disease.

During a recent interview , Susan Sarandon referred to Pope Benedict as a Nazi. According to USA Today, Sarandon and Bob Balaban

were chatting in front of an audience … discussing her 1995 film Dead Man Walking, based on the anti-death-penalty book by Sister Helen Prejean, a copy of which she sent to Pope John Paul II.

“The last one,” she said, “not this Nazi one we have now,” referring to Pope Benedict XVI. Balaban “tut-tutted,” reports Newsday, but Sarandon repeated her remark.

Not surprisingly, Sarandon’s slur has aroused a backlash from many, including the Anti-Defamation League, which has demanded that she apologize. Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded instead with contempt for the actress, saying that “‘it is very hard to find someone dumber’ than Sarandon, a person he wouldn’t seek an apology from because ‘she is ignorant and full of hatred to the Catholic Church.'”

Read the full article here.

Once again, we have a perfect example of how a person’s being famous is in no way an indicator that they possess any wisdom or that they would make a good role model.



  1. Well put, Evan. The number of empty heads being given air time is only slightly less appalling than the number of people who form their opinions by them.

    • Sadly, too many people base their views on those expressed by people who simply happen to be popular, even if they really lack the wisdom and/or qualifications to address a particular issue. And it’s not just actors or musicians. Think of how a popular writer/speaker may gain a cult following, regardless of whether actually have any education, experience, or insight. (For instance, I’ve seen many Christians who will blindly follow the teachings of a particular preacher, simply because that person happens to be a very charismatic personality, not because he/she is truly wise and knowledgeable.)

  2. We all make stupid comments, but celebrities get theirs plastered on the headlines.

    I think there are a few interesting things here: first, I think it’s interesting b/c I loved that character she played in Dead Man Walking, and thought the portrayal of the Church as fairly positive in the movie, which surprised me b/c I’d always thought of Sarandon as an anti-Church kind of person. Second, I don’t think Bill Donohue represents himself any better than she did…which goes to prove my first point, as well as making it clear that rudeness and angry words are a guilt everyone shares equally, whatever political, philosophical or religious persuasion they espouse.

    • True enough. But the main problem is that these celebrities often get such a cult following and many will base their views on whatever drivel some star spouts out.

      However, I agree that Donohue should have been more circumspect about his own comments. Returning insult for insult is not only immature and counterproductive, it’s contrary to the teachings of Christ.

  3. Evan, I agree with what you and Kathleen said. My first thought was that Bill Donahue was not talking any better than Susan. He did not represent Christian behavior very well. Love our neighbor!
    And yes, many people may listen to Susan, but I think she will have more negative than positive reactions to this. It was really a mean and crude remark and showed a lack of respect for millions of people – both Jews and Catholic.

    • I hope Sarandon repents and turns to the Lord. That would be by far the best outcome!

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