Posted by: L. E. Barnes | August 26, 2011

Double Whammie

Mother Nature just isn’t nice sometimes, and this week has turned out to be one of those “sometimes”.

First, she decided to rudely inform those of us on the East Coast that even though we’re not living in California atop the San Andreas fault, we’re still susceptible to earthquakes. While at work on Tuesday afternoon, my coworkers and I were surprised to find that our building was quaking like a leaf. Most of us headed outside, where we found that people were standing on the sidewalks up and down the street, expressing amazement at what had just happened. We later learned that 5.8 magnitude earthquake had struck northern Virginia, and its shocks were felt in neighboring states. I never guessed that my first earthquake would happen here in the Tarheel state. One by one, my illusions of security are being shattered…

And as if that weren’t bad enough, now Mother Nature is really acting as if she has a grudge against this region. This weekend, Hurricane Irene is slamming into us, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be pulling any punches. Thankfully, I don’t live right on the coast, but we’ll be feeling plenty of Irene’s fury nonetheless. While I’m hoping the power doesn’t go out, I’m not counting on it. When Hurricane Floyd hit us in 1999, we were without power for almost five days–an experience I’d rather not have repeated. (Occurrences like that show us all too bluntly how dependent we are on electricity!) Anyway, I may not be able to get online over the weekend to provide updates. Saints preserve us!

Frankly, after Floyd ravaged us nearly 12 years ago, I felt that we deserved at least a good century or so without hurricanes, but apparently Mother Nature doesn’t give a hoot what I think…

Here’s a photo of the storm taken from space. You know, it actually looks quite beautiful from that perspective. However, Irene is proving to be like a lot of people you’ll encounter on dating sites: beautiful in pictures, but awful in person.

Good night, Irene...



  1. Weather is so weird these days! My prayers are with you! Hope you stay safe and dry and don’t lose power!

    • Thanks for your concern. We lost power this morning, but it came back on late this evening.

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