Posted by: L. E. Barnes | August 18, 2011

Patron Saint of…

Fellow Catholic blogger Colleen Spiro hosted an interesting meme on her blog, Thoughts on Grace. In this meme, she poses the following challenge:

Assuming you are a saint, and your cause has been executed, your miracles confirmed, your date on the calendar established, all that is required is select that of which Holy Mother Church will name you Patron(ess).
For this meme, you must name your patronage and then tag 5 other people who would like to play along. Link your answer to your nominator’s post.
So, what would I want to named the patron saint of? Several things come to mind, such as being the patron of community college English instructors (no joke–I’ve worked as one, and they’re generally paid peanuts to deal with students who often act as if they haven’t figured out they’re no longer in high school… or middle school, for that matter). Or perhaps I should be the patron of those who have trouble finding work because employers always consider them “overqualified” (another problem I’ve had to deal with over and over again). And how would people refer to me? I have a strong suspicion that I’d be dubbed “St. Evan of Perpetual Confusion.” šŸ˜‰
But in all seriousness, I think I would want to be the patron of those struggling with anxiety disorders. After all, I’ve struggled with one all my adult life, and my heart goes out to those who struggle with these often debilitating emotional problems. I would want them to know there’s an intercessor in heaven who “specializes” in their issues. But as Colleen remarked at the end of her post, “All I know for sure is that I long for the day when there are no more victims and I can sit on Jesus’ lap and watch as He wipes away the tears from everyone’s eyes.”
I’m afraid I can’t think of five bloggers to “tag” for this meme, but please share how you would respond to Colleen’s “patron saint” question. What would you wish to be the patron saint of?


  1. Evan, thanks for joining in on this meme. It has been interesting to read people’s posts about this. I think when we can relate to these issues, that we just want to reach out to help others with similar stories. For me, helping survivors of sexual abuse is healing for me. God bless!

    • I agree. We tend to want to help others who struggle with the kinds of problems we have dealt with, since we know what they’re going through. And by helping others we tend to help ourselves.

  2. Colleen’s was beautiful, for sure. I love yours, though: St. Evan of Perpetual Confusion.” That gave me a chuckle.

    In all seriousness, I like your thoughts. Those who suffer from anxiety really do suffer. May your confusion and your anxiety be swept away by the grace of the Holy Spirit.

    • Amen! I need all the grace I can get. Anxiety disorders are definitely not something to be taken lightly. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Well, I can’t think of anything I could be the patron saint of, but I liked your “Perpetual confusion.” Now that I am doing better mentally I really notice if I miss certain supplements for a few days. What’s awful is waking up with every body muscle tense from anxiety and wanting to just float into oblivion. I wonder if life is supposed to be a struggle for sanity. At least we can be confident that God is with us and if we work on trust in Him eventually we get better even if we’re not cured. Something I’m looking forward to in heaven – no anxiety! Just peace.

    • Barb,
      I know just what you’re talking about. For some of us, life does seem to be a constant struggle for sanity! And like you, I’m looking forward to finding lasting peace with the Father in heaven.

  4. Yes, I can relate Evan. Anxiety disorders are terrible to live with and I picked this for part of my patronage too. They run in my family, unfortunately.

    “St Evan of perpetual confusion” – you are too funny šŸ™‚

    • Anxiety disorders can be downright debilitating, as I’ve learned all too painfully. I’m sorry to hear that you and others in your family have had to struggle with them too.

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