Posted by: L. E. Barnes | August 1, 2011

Monday Message

Why a marriage really requires not just two people but three:



  1. This is an interesting thought. The priest who witnessed our wedding asked the same question, as I recall: “Why do you want to be married in the Church?” I think our answer was that the Church was an important part of our life, it was what brought us together and it was going to be a part of our life together for keeps, and this was the only appropriate place to have it. Which, although we didn’t really “get” it, was probably exactly what the good padre is talking about here.

    • At least such a question can get people thinking. Hopefully they’ll realize that they should get married in the church for more than just the sake of tradition or because it’s the nicest place they can think of to get married in. After all, marriage is a sacrament!

  2. “God, for His purposes has drawn us together” and for the salvation of one another. This simple yet profound thought was the understanding my parents had when they got married in the Church in 1944. I can’t imagine marriage preparation in the Catholic Church omitting this key point, especially today.

    • It definitely should not be omitted. Heaven knows people in our society need to regain a sense of the sanctity of marriage.

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