Posted by: L. E. Barnes | February 19, 2011

Sabbath Moments

We all need times to savor life’s little pleasures. Each Saturday, Colleen Spiro hosts “Sabbath Moments,” where she and others share their special moments from the week. Join us and tell us about your own “little Sabbaths.”

This week I got to enjoy eating out a few times. On Monday (Valentine’s Day) my parents and I decided to treat ourselves to a decadent–but tasty–lunch at Wendy’s. I loaded up on a hamburger, fries, and a great big Frosty. (Yes, I know–it’s “Cholesterol City,” but we very rarely eat out at fast food places.) The next day, my dad and I ate lunch with some friends of his, and I downed a “Deluxe Grilled Chicken” sandwich and potato chips.

He and I had a much healthier–and more meaningful–lunch on Wednesday. We went to the local country club for the monthly “Called 2 Business” lunch, where Christian businesspeople gather to eat and listen to a guest speaker share about the role their faith plays in their career. A local oncologist shared about her experiences working with cancer patients, and as you can imagine, it got emotional at times both for her and some of the folks there at the meeting. Being in that line of work definitely takes tremendous love, patience, and emotional fortitude–and a strong faith to see you through when your own strength fails!

On Thursday evening, I went to our parish’s weekly Catholic inquiry class–I assist the folks who run the RCIA and inquiry classes–and got to hear our pastor give a wonderful talk about the significance of the Eucharist. He’s a Passionist priest, and he’s an extremely passionate Passionist when it comes to things such as the holy Eucharist. I’m sure everyone there was moved by his talk.

Last night my parents and I watched The Gospel Road, a film produced and narrated by the late Johnny Cash. It was a simple yet poignant retelling of the life of Jesus and featured songs by Cash and Kris Kristofferson. We were very touched by it–and I think I needed the reminder of Christ’s love for us, as I’ve been struggling with doubts and frustrations lately.



  1. Evan,
    Wendy’s burgers taste good 🙂 I’m not saying that I eat there often but if I’m gonna have fast food I’ll take Wendy’s anyday! The Gospel Road sounds like a good movie 🙂

    The chihuahua thing is from the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua II. My daughter is fascinated with the puppies in this movie and always wants to pretend we are a chihuahua family (lol). Last month it was the characters from How to Train Your Dragon 🙂 I’m kind of glad she switched to dogs because the rude viking thing was a bit too much. Plus, I don’t make a convincing dragon!

    • Yes, Wendy’s makes good burgers–definitely better than McDonald’s! And their new “natural cut” fries are terrific too. But alas, it’s definitely not health food! Just a rare treat…

      So you’re daughter wants to be a chihuahua… I haven’t seen Beverly Hills Chihuahua, but from the ads on TV, it seems like a cute movie for kids. Maybe I’ll see it one of these days.

  2. Evan, love your post. I love fast food burgers but try not to get them too often. That movie sounds good. I would have loved to hear that talk on the Eucharist. God bless!

    • I’m sure you would have loved the talk on the Eucharist. Our class leader remarked that she has heard our pastor give that talk several times, yet it never ceases to move her. The Eucharist certainly is the Church’s central act of worship.

      Though I know they’re not healthy for me, I can’t help but love fast food burgers and fries! And a Frosty goes great with a Wendy’s meal. Everything in moderation…

  3. This sounds like a lovely week. I’ve been thinking @ the sabbath moments, though I haven’t done a post on it.

    • I actually struggled quite a bit over the week with some frustrations over some longstanding problems, but these “sabbath moments” certainly helped out!

  4. Evan, you are so lucky to have a Passionist father for a pastor. I think they are great priests.

    Your ventures into fast food gave me a chuckle. I’m gluten free now so Hardee’s low carb burger is my choice – no bread but everything else. And the best shakes come from Braum’s, but that franchise might not be in your part of the country.

    Good heavens! Reading and writing about this makes me want to run out and get something I shouldn’t have.

    • No! Resist the temptation to fill your face with burgers and shakes! 😉

      I’ve never heard of Braum’s, so we must not have it in my state. What kind of restaurant is that?

      I agree with you about the Passionists. Their charism really seems to help them be very compassionate priests.

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