Posted by: L. E. Barnes | February 9, 2011

What Valentine’s Day Is For

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching. No longer referred to as Saint Valentine’s Day (unless you’re referring to the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre), it’s become a day for giving candy, flowers, cute cards and other tokens of affection to your significant other–or to someone you’d like to be your significant other. If you’re like me, you’re probably a little annoyed by the commercialism, and especially how most people in our society seem to have bought into the notion that not giving your significant other a Valentine’s Day gift is a sign you don’t really love him or her.  (I don’t have a significant other, by the way, but I can’t stand all the ads–such as for Vermont Teddy Bears!–that insinuate that not blowing money on Valentine’s Day gifts makes you a clod.)

Since this holiday seems to have degenerated into little more than a money-maker for candy manufacturers, florists, jewelers, the greeting card industry, and Vermont Teddy Bears, does it still have any redeeming qualities? This cute song indicates that there may be hope for February 14, so long as you keep things in the right perspective:

Ah, sweet childhood innocence…



  1. My hubby and I are not Valentine’s Day kind of people. I would much rather receive and/or give flowers or chocolate on an “ordinary” day. Then it is given out of love rather than dictated by a date on the calendar. Cute song!

    • Good point. I don’t mind there being a holiday to celebrate love; what I don’t like is how commercialized it is–to the point where people feel pressured to buy gifts for their spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend.

      Yes, the song was really cute. Let’s keep Valentine’s Day innocent and focused on important things!

  2. I’m with both of you. So happy Valentine’s Day, Evan. I hope you have many good friends. Best wishes and no chocolate.

    • Thanks Barb. Happy Vanlentine’s Day to you and yours!

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