Posted by: L. E. Barnes | January 24, 2011

Monday Message

Throughout its history, the Church has honored forgoing marriage and having children to consecrate one’s life fully to God, whether as a priest or religious. God is still calling men and women to serve Him this way. Is He calling you? In the following videos, religious sister share about being called to the religious life:

God bless our religious sisters, and may there be an increase in vocations–an increase of holy men called to the priesthood, and holy men and women into the religious life.



  1. These are wonderful videos. We must also remember not only the religious life, but that of hermits – a very special calling, and for women, to be consecrated virgins living alone. God has so many ways to call us.

    • Definitely. I only recently learned about the eremetic life in the Catholic Church. Actually, I had been under the impression that being a religious hermit was something that had died out in the Catholic Church, though I had heard of Orthodox hermits.

  2. Beautiful videos! I love the reference to breaking the alabaster jar of our lives in the first video.

    • Yes, that’s a beautiful way to phrase it–pouring out our lives to the Lord in His service.

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