Posted by: L. E. Barnes | January 19, 2011

Important Lessons (a la “The Electric Company”)

It’s hump day, and here’s a little humor and some important lessons from an old TV I remember watching as a kid.

Lesson 1 — It’s not always in your best interest to get what you want:

Lesson 2 — Sometimes, it’s best to stick with the tried and true:

Lesson 3 — When dining out, don’t exasperate your server, or else you might not get served at all:

Lesson 4 — When you’re learning a new job, pay careful attention to the instructions of your supervisor–and don’t forget to use common sense:

Thank you, The Electric Company, for imparting this wisdom. 🙂



  1. Very much fun, Evan. Thanks.

    • A blast from the past… I used to like that show as a kid. Clean, funny, and educational all at the same time.

  2. Oh, my goodness! I used to watch this all the time as a kid. (I’ve always been a fan of Bill Cosby, too!)

    • Sure brings back memories…

  3. It’s great when laughing and learning come together. Thanks Evan.

    • Yes, good old shows like this were terrific.

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