Posted by: L. E. Barnes | January 15, 2011

Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival

Every Sunday, Rann hosts “Sunday Snippets” at her blog, “This That and the Other Thing.” Join us and read various Catholic blogs, or if you’re a Catholic blogger, add a link to your site!

My blogging was rather skimpy this week, but it would be worth your while to look at my Tuesday post and watch a short video clip by Fr. Robert Barron about the importance of Eucharistic adoration. And I wrote a Sabbath Moments post, in which I share my refreshing moments from the week.

Take a moment to enjoy this soothing and uplifting song, an adaptation of the Magnificat, by John Michael Talbot:



  1. Love, love, love that song (and John Michael Talbot).

  2. Thanks for postingi this I heard it before and wondered who did it. Guess I’ll go try to download for my mp3 player

  3. So uplifting! Thank you, Evan. Hope I remember to play it again before closing my eyes on this day.

    • It’s a wonderful song by a wonderful singer. John Michael Talbot has such a soothing voice.

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