Posted by: L. E. Barnes | January 15, 2011

Sabbath Moments

We all need not just a Sabbath day of rest, but “Sabbath moments,” little times throughout our week when we are refreshed in some way. Just stopping to enjoy a sunset, chat with a friend, or really listen to a song can be such a moment.

Each Saturday, fellow Catholic blogger Colleen Spiro hosts “Sabbath Moments” at her blog, “Thoughts on Grace.” Join us and read about others’ special moments from the week, or share your own!

This past Tuesday I completed another year of my earthly journey. I’m now an old man, for you see, I’ve turned… 36!! Auuuuugh!!! I’m ancient! 😉

But seriously… During both childhood and adolescence, I thought 36 was so far away, and people at that age seemed so, not old, but mature and full of wisdom. Well, here I am, within shouting distance of 40, and to be completely honest, I still feel like a kid in many respects. Another thing I’ve noticed is that the older get, the faster the years seem to go by. Again, as a child and a teenager, the years seemed to creep by at a snail’s pace; now they seem to be whizzing by before I can catch up with the year before. Any of you who are my age or older–can you relate to what I’m saying?

Anyway, back to my Sabbath moments from the week. On Tuesday, my b-day, my parents took me out to eat. We went to the nearby Golden Corral (which is in a brand new and much improved building) and loaded up on their sumptuous all-you-can-eat buffet. That night we had ice cream cake–something I will always have a weakness for. As Garfield the cat has said, “A full tummy is a happy tummy.” 🙂  So that was certainly a Sabbath moment for me.

 On Thursday, I met with some people at my church to discuss our RCIA program, which I informally assist with. I got to eat a really big oatmeal cookie while getting enlightened about matters pertaining to bringing people into the Church (in fact, I probably should do a blog post soon about our meeting and what was learned/discussed). Although it got just a bit tense at times–our pastor and a lady who oversees catechesis programs for the diocese apparently felt the need to be firm about what they thought was working or not working with our program–it was still good to meet with everyone and get some insights. And that big cookie was good!

On Thursday night, I attended the local Toastmasters club that I’ve been involved with for a few years and oversaw the portion of the meeting in which we practice extemporaneous speaking (i.e., speaking off the cuff). I put a question to each person and he or she had to speak briefly about that topic. It was fun, and I enjoy public speaking. (Now if I could just find a career that will let me do that…)

And on Friday morning I attended mass at my parish. That’s the day of the week when the students from our parish school gather for mass, and the officiating priest always tailors the homily for the kids. In fact, I’ve observed that our priests talk longer at that mass than they do on Sundays! But our pastor had some interesting things to say about the gospel reading (about the healing of the paralytic who had been lowered through the roof of the house). He asked the kids questions regarding both the reading and the life of Jesus, and it was great seeing how eager the kids were to respond. (A number of them would shoot up their hands and wave them excitedly, trying to be noticed. So cute!)

Have a blessed weekend! 🙂



  1. Evan, your joy in the simple things of life – food – is wonderful grounding. I think you must be a fun guy, and I do, at 65 understand the speeding of the years.

    So glad you enjoy toastmasters. Some people can make a career in public speaking but you’ve got to have a “schtick”, as a consultant once said.

    • Thanks. The simple things are usually the best. And they’re what life consists of for the most part.

      A ‘schtick’? Hmmm… Gotta work on that.

  2. Happy Birthday!!

    Toastmasters sounds like something I would like to try someday!

    Children’s Masses are often fun – Love to watch the kids and hear the homily geared to the them.

    Would be interested to hear more about your RCIA meeting. I am an RICA graduate myself. Were you?

    Great list of sabbath moments! Thanks for joining me every week!

    • Colleen,
      Yes, I went through RCIA too. I was not a ‘cradle Catholic.’ This Easter will mark my 4th year in the Church. You?

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Ice-cream cake and a gynormous oatmeal cookie; all in one week! WOW! Lucky, you!
    Well…I wish I could write that I am part of the “Any of you who are my age” section of your post…but I am actually part of the “Any of you who are older” section, LOL
    Yet…I very MUCH relate to what you say…in fact, one of my favorite sayings is that “the days are long, but the years are short”!
    I must say, now that I am 46…I would not want to “trade back” for anything…ok…MAYBE for the leaner physique and fewer wrinkles I had back then, ha ha…but that’s about it.
    So glad you had such beautiful Sabbath Moments in your week, Evan.
    I hope God leads you to a public-speaking profession!

    • Judy,
      Thanks! I would love it if God would open up a door for me in that area.

      The years seem to be getting shorter and shorter. I look back over these first 36 years of my life and wonder where all the time went. My dad has assured me that this will continue to be the case as I get older. This earthly life is certainly fleeting, so we need to focus on eternity.

  4. We have two things in common: we share the same birthday month (mine was on the 14th), so happy belated birthday!, and a weakness for ice cream cake. 🙂 Of course, the difference is I’m now 41, not 36. 🙂

    I hate, despise, and freak out when it comes to public speaking! LOL! I’ve thought about joining toastmasters to help me get over this fear, but haven’t gotten the nerve yet!

    • So you’re a January baby just like me? Wonderful! 🙂 And a happy belated birthday to you as well.

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