Posted by: L. E. Barnes | January 8, 2011

Sabbath Moments

We all need what fellow Catholic blogger Colleen Spiro calls “Sabbath moments”–times when we emotionally and/or spiritually, when we are able to stop and savor something special. Visit Colleen’s blog, “Thoughts on Grace,” each Saturday for here meme “Sabbath Moments,” where you can read about others’ special moments from the week. Or you can share your own as well.

A distinguished monarch suddenly turning into a wacky lunatic is both sad and hilarious. This week my parents and I got to  see such a sight as we watched The Madness of King George, a biopic about King George III’s bout of insanity in 1788. On the one hand, it’s pathetic seeing such a distinguished personage saying and doing the weirdest things imaginable, yet the film provided us with many laughs too. For instance, in one scene, the king suddenly bursts into a woman’s bedroom, demands her chamber pot, and relieves himself in it, while yelling, “Do it, England, do it!” And at another point, his eldest son, who is the heir apparent and therefore holds the title Prince of Wales, remarks, “Being the Prince of Wales isn’t a position; it’s a predicament!”–something I suspect that Prince Charles, who currently holds that title, would agree with completely! And then there were the attemtps, simultaneously barbaric and ridiculous, to “cure” the king of his madness. Anyway, the film gave us some fun entertainment for the evening.

On a more serious note…

I’ve started following a schedule for reading through the entire Bible in a year. (That’s one of my new year’s resolutions–and one that I’m doggedly determined to keep!) I’ll admit that I’ve let me Bible reading fall by the wayside, but reading God’s Word each morning is proving to be an excellent “Sabbath moment” to start the day with.

On Thursday we got to go out of town for the afternoon to have lunch with some relatives, two of whom I hadn’t seen in probably over a year. So, I got to chow down on a huge burger and cheese fries, while catching up with family. I think that’s a pretty good way to spend an afternoon. 🙂

Yesterday I went to morning mass at my parish, which on Friday mornings is when the teachers and students from our parish’s school assemble in the church for mass. It did my heart good to see so many children and adolescents coming together to worship the Lord–and they were so well behaved!  I then spent time afterward in Eucharistic adoration and praying the rosary. I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s probably no better “Sabbath moment” than first partaking of and then adoring the blessed Sacrament.

Have a blessed weekend!



  1. One thing I really like about your posts is that they show a person taking pleasure in the simple things of life – watching movies with your parents, visiting relatives, going to Mass and Eucharistic Adoration. Maybe if people weren’t so busy running around on their self-imposed schedules more people would have time for God.

    Congratulations on your goal to read the Bible cover-to-cover this year. I’ve never done that myself, though I have a number of times read the New Testament in full. God bless you.

    • Thanks, Barb.
      I was very diligent with my Bible reading back in my days as a charismatic evangelical. Since coming back to the faith and becoming Catholic, I’m afraid I’ve not been very diligent at all in reading God’s Word, so this year I’m turning over a new leaf!

  2. I agree with Barb. Of course I love adoration but I also love that you spent time with relatives and reading the Bible each day. I have the new lectio divina Catholic bible. I need to open that everyday too. God bless!

    • Thanks! God bless you too.

  3. I saw that movie many years ago when it first came out. I have heard that The King’s Speech which is out now is very good.

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