Posted by: L. E. Barnes | December 15, 2010

Got Snow?

It’s the Christmas season, and that means cards, wrapping paper, TV specials, and numerous decorations will depict wintry scenes. And what is present in all those wintry scenes? Yes, that’s right: SNOW!

But are you looking outside right now at a totally drab, snowless landscape? Is singing “Jingle  Bells” the closest you think you’ll ever get to sleigh riding through the snow? If so, then help is here! To get an instant winter wonderland, just call on the Tiki Snow Dancers:

Yes, the Tiki Snow Dancers will give you that white Christmas you’ve only dreamed about. Just call 1-800-TIKI-SNOW, and we’ll send out a team of Dr. Seuss-like characters to conjure up all the snow you could ever want. (Visa and MasterCard accepted.)



  1. LOL! You’ve done it again! Thanks for my weekly laugh. 🙂

    • Glad to give a laugh each week. This little video is cute. And it would be nice if we really could conjure up a nice snowfall that easily! “Let it snow! Let-let-let it snow!”

  2. Cute. You always put me in touch with my inner child. Very necessary!

    • We all need our inner child now and then. Glad to be of service! 😉

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