Posted by: L. E. Barnes | December 4, 2010

Sabbath Moments

Fellow Catholic blogger Colleen Spiro hosts “Sabbath Moments” each Saturday, where she and others share about there special refreshing moments that they experienced over the week. Join us and share your own special moments!

This was the first week of Advent. At the beginning of each Sunday mass, a different family or couple will come forward to light the appropriate candle(s) on the Advent wreath. Our catechumenate class also has a somewhat makeshift Advent wreath that we light at the start of class. And of course Christmas is in the air, with stations playing holiday music. Our house is now decorated for the season, though we keep things simple. Our yard is not full of a zillion decorations, nor is our house decked out with lights like Chevy Chase’s was in Christmas Vacation. (And I swear some people seem to be trying to compete with Chevy Chase with all their lights and other decorations!) But it’s enough to give us that wonderful Christmas feeling. 🙂 Anyway, the start of Advent observances and the atmosphere created by the Christmas season have provided my main “sabbath moment” this week.

Mother Nature has even come through with some snow this evening. Just a dusting so far, and I don’t know whether there will be any accumulation overnight, but a little snow certainly helps boost the Christmas spirit.

During December last year, I first heard a cute Christmas song sung by Mel Blanc, called “The Hat I Got for Christmas Is Too Big.” I’ve heard it a bunch of times since then, and it still gives me a laugh (not to mention that it gets stuck in your head!) So I thought I’d pass it along to you. May this humorous song give you a “sabbath moment.” 🙂

And last night we watched The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which is based on a Roald Dahl novel. At first I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, as it used “old fashioned” stop action photography and puppets rather than state of the art computer animation, but it was quite entertaining. Who says you have to use the latest technology to produce good films?

I hope your first week of Advents has been pleasant.



  1. Love your list. My favorite is the Snow since we don’t get any in sunny Florida!

    • We don’t get much snow here, so it’s quite a treat when we do get any.

  2. What I find so attractive about your life, Evan, is the sharing of fun moments with your parents and the humor you enjoy. We all need that. Jesus, Mary and Joseph must have had some laughs together, too.

    • Thanks, Barb. Humor helps make life worth living!

  3. Evan,
    You have snow? Everybody has snow!!! Except….New Hampshire. Sigh.

    Oops! I forgot I gave up grumbling for Advent 😉

    We haven’t decorated yet but I think we are going to pick out our tree tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it. Michaela is excited! I’m glad you’re enjoying Advent and Christmas!

    The comment that you left about Jesus not being a “sourpuss” cracked me up 🙂 And I agree!

    • New Hampshire without snow?? Hmmmm… the weather gods must be angry. 😉

      But our snow has already mostly melted. That’s the way it is here in this region–if we get snow at all, it’s here today and gone tomorrow.

      And I should probably give up grumbling for Advent too. In fact, it would really be best to give up grumbling altogether!

      So you’re getting your Christmas tree today? If you see any “Charlie Brown” trees, take it home and give it some love, just like the Peanuts gang did in the TV show. 😉

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