Posted by: L. E. Barnes | November 30, 2010

Two Self-Inflicted Wounds

Fr. Robert Barron discusses the Pew Forum’s Religious Knowledge Survey and its significance for the Church:

Your thoughts?



  1. I have been hearing about how Catholics must know their faith better all my life (I’m 53), and it’s true. But I’ve seen only marginal progress, if any.

    Where I live, most (not all) of the informed, serious Catholics are converts from Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism.

    • I fear that you’re right. You’ll find a lot of Catholics who didn’t know their faith well that end up joining an evangelical or fundamentalist church, while many Protestants who do a serious study of Catholicism end up becoming Catholic–because they’ve learned the truth about the Church!

  2. Yes…I always envision that process as a circular flow.

  3. For example, one of the priests in my town is a Bob Jones grad, and today after Mass I learned that another BJU alumnus in our parish has become a seminarian.

    • Bob Jones grads becoming Catholic is astounding enough, but becoming priests too? If that doesn’t prove miracles still happen, nothing does! 🙂

  4. Great video. Vatican II became the excuse for jettisoning our weapons, and I would add two more weapons to Father’s list: the Rosary and Eucharistic Adoration. Only now are they coming back into greater popularity.

    The former bishop of our diocese along with a number of priests have been responsible for nearly extinguishing the Catholic faith here. An orthodox priest friend of mine calls most parishioners “Cath-prots”, realizing it is not their fault necessarily, but describing the condition he faces.

    Like Father said, it takes work – daily work, for a Catholic to know his faith. I was born Catholic and had a good, basic Catholic education, but for the last 13 years I’ve immersed myself in learning it better – chasing down the Fathers of the Church, studying the Bible, etc.

    The Latin Mass Magazine published by Keep the Faith is one of the best publications I know for helping people become immersed in their faith. It’s tagged as the “Journal of Catholic Culture” and I’ve learned a lot from it.

    It strikes me that if families would spend just one hour a week together studying and discussing the faith as it relates to contemporary issues, we’d have a much stronger force to affect society. Meanwhile, we bloggers need to keep on keeping on and encourage one another to present the faith accurately and fearlessly.

    • From what I’ve heard, it seems there was a lot of confusion and misunderstanding in the wake of Vatican II–not to mention a lot of people taking their liberties with the mass and other Catholic practices. Hopefully things are finally getting balanced out again.

      You mentioned that your diocese’s former bishop did a lot of harm. What exactly did he do? And is anything being done to correct it?

      You’re right on about the work needed to know our faith. The Church Fathers are apparently a great source to turn to, as they help show that the Catholic Church has truly maintained ecclesiastical and theological continuity through the centuries.

      Yes, we Catholic bloggers have a job to do! Let’s support each other and work together.

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