Posted by: L. E. Barnes | October 9, 2010

Sabbath Moments

Colleen Spiro hosts “Sabbath Moments” each Saturday on her blog, “Thoughts on Grace.” Read about others’ special refreshing moments over the past week, or share your own!

Since this is the season of Halloween, I’ve been getting in the spirit by reading ghost stories, both online and in books. Silly, I know, but an enjoyable way of getting in touch with my inner child. 🙂  What is it about “things that go bump in the night” that causes us to be both repelled by and attracted to them? Anyway, they’re an escape from the mundane, if nothing else.

I’m trying to get into the habit of spending some time each morning in meditation, prayer, and Bible reading. My mind has proven to be a wild, bucking bronco that I’m having trouble taming, but stopping to do some deep, mindful breathing, meditating on a verse of Scripture, and (sometimes) praying the rosary helps settle my racing thoughts.

I took up knitting a few years ago. Right now I’m working on a cap. Taking time each day to knit is both relaxing and gives a feeling of accomplishment, as I’m making something useful.

Have a blessed weekend! Tomorrow is the 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time.



  1. I’ve always loved Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, Vincent Price and the other stars of Frankenstein and Dracula fame. The other night TCM had Fredrick March in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. These film and literature art forms are not only enjoyable, they show what our fallen nature can degenerate into without vigilance. So I don’t think reading scary books in October is silly at all. Their message is fundamental and I don’t think today’s films can hold a candle to the oldies but goodies. But I’m a real fan of black and white.

    • I’ve never really gotten into the old classic horror films, but this month there should be plenty of opportunities to see them on TCM or other stations. And actually, the books those films were based on all dealt with humanity’s fallen nature and the need to exercise care and responsibility. I also tend to agree that a number of today’s movies focus too much on visual effects or shock effect rather than a good script, plot, dialogue, and characters. Oh well…

  2. Evan,
    I’m a fan of ghost stories and good horror movies, too. Not the gory kind, though, those are more than my stomach can handle!

    I thought your “wild bucking bronco” remark was funny 🙂 Minds are tough to tame! The most I’ve been able to do is reign it in some. I agree that the Rosary is helpful in this respect.

    • I don’t care for gory stories either. I find I like the more old fashioned type of ghost story.

      Minds are indeed tough to tame. They act like they have, well, a “mind of their own” sometimes!

  3. I am not one that likes scary movies or books. I went to a Halloween “Haunted Walk” once and was too scared!!
    That is great about your morning prayer time. I like to think of my prayer times as appointments with God.
    Knitting can be prayerful too. The quiet time and offering it up! Like Brother Lawrence who wrote about practicing the presence of God while doing dishes!

  4. Glad you’ve enjoyed these special moments this week! As to Colleen’s comments…I always feel so close to God when I do dishes!!! And…I just finished reading a little book by Fr. Michael Scanlon (head of Franciscan University) entitled, “Appointment with God”!!!

    • What’s the book by Fr. Scanlon about?
      I admit I’ve never felt close to God when doing dishes… Maybe I just need to change my frame of mind. 🙂

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