Posted by: L. E. Barnes | October 8, 2010

Mindless YouTube Entertainment

I just came across this really weird cartoon on YouTube (it was on my “Recommended for You” list–though I have no idea why). A perfect example of the extremely weird, yet fairly entertaining, fare to be found on YouTube. Honestly, who comes up with this stuff? But it’s got a catchy little song, if nothing else. Anyway, I’m sharing it for what it’s worth (if it is indeed worth anything):



  1. […] Mindless YouTube Entertainment […]

  2. I think I’ll stick with the Muppet videos! 🙂 My 5 year old thought it was cute, though.

    • I actually found it pretty cute, in its own way. But yes, Muppet videos are more to my taste as well.

  3. I like Mickey Mouse, Woody Woodpecker, and Elmer Fudd, Felix the cat and the Muppets which were just brilliant. This one is a bit over my head.

    • Like I said, this cartoon is pretty weird. Its creators were really shooting for the nonsensical! But I did like the song: “Put a banana in your ear!” LOL!

  4. Thought I wasn’t going to watch it, then I couldn’t help myself. The vortex grabbed me and there’s no stopping the vortex, Charlie. Perfectly mindless way to end a day; much better than politics or a thousand years of darkness. Gotta go catch the choo-choo shoe now.

    • LOL! Yes, a much better way to end the day “than politics or a thousand years of darkness”! 🙂 Sometimes a little mindless entertainment is a good thing.

      Hey, don’t let the choo-choo shoe leave without me!

  5. Just came from Charlie the Unicorn 3 where Evil has overtaken the world and there goes everyone exploding, They must be spying on my dreams. Not even safe in my subconscious. I know these people!

    • I guess I need to see that one too! The folks who make these cartoons have really wild (and crazy!) imaginations. But we need a little goofy humor now and then, lest we take life too seriously.

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