Posted by: L. E. Barnes | September 18, 2010

Sabbath Moments

Each Saturday, Colleen Spiro hosts “Sabbath Moments” at her blog, “Thoughts on Grace.” Read about others’ refreshing moments from the week, or share about your own!

Being between jobs, I have more time to read, so I’ve been going through a collection of stories dealing with the “Cthulu Mythos,” which is based on the fiction of H. P. Lovecraft. OK, so they’re horror stories, but with October approaching, I find I enjoy reading stuff with a supernatural or scary side. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed reading them.

Yesterday I watched “Night at the Museum 2” with my parents. Hey, I think a  little wacky comedy once in a while is always good for your mental health.

And today I enjoyed listening to a bunch of music I had downloaded, among which was a touching children’s song called “A Dragon’s Lullaby,” by a musician named Tom Smith. (Most of his music isn’t this innocent, by the way, but this one’s precious.) I wish I could upload the song for you to listen to, but I’ll have to be content with posting the lyrics:

Hush now, my baby, the daylight is done,
Your scales catching moonlight instead of the sun,
So lay down your head, till the dawn comes anew,
For here there be dragons to watch over you.

Dream now, my baby, of life in the clouds,
Your head held so high and your wings spread so proud,
For I know a secret I promise is true,
Here there be dragons, and one of them’s you.

Twelve years, I Grant, was a long time to wait,
But I knew you’d get here, I knew it was fate,
But sometimes a dragon takes longer to birth,
Because, to create them, it takes the whole earth.

Within you the fires of Africa glow,
The East Asian winds, Scandinavian snow,
The mountains, the forests, the rivers, the skies,
The whole of creation is there in your eyes.

Hush now, my baby, and dream how you will,
You have your whole life for your dreams to fulfill,
And don’t be afraid of the things you dream of,
For here there be dragons, below and above,
You’re a dragon, you’re life…
You’re a dragon, you’re love.



  1. Having a little humor in life is a necessity and funny, wacky movies are great to indulge in. I love Abbot and Costello – never get tired of them. They did all their own stunts, too.

    • Heaven knows we need humor! Sometimes, the wackier the better!

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  3. I love wacky comedies sometimes. Good to just sit and laugh! And I agree – that lullaby is touching!

    • Like I said, I wish I could upload it. It’s really lovely. Strange, because the guy who wrote it has some other songs on his site that are anything but innocent!

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