Posted by: L. E. Barnes | August 27, 2010

She’d Better Be Sorry!

The British woman who has made news for dumping a cat in a trash bin (where it remained for 15 hours!) has made a public apology for her actions. Forty-five-year-old Mary Dale claims she acted impulsively and didn’t mean any harm, but the public so far hasn’t been sympathetic toward her. (And to be frank, I’m not feeling much sympathy for her either.) Hopefully, she is truly contrite, yet I’d still say that folks in Coventry should keep their cats away from her! However, people making death threats to her is going way overboard, to say the least. Some public service–perhaps having to do some work for an animal shelter (supervised, of course)–should be appropriate penance for her misdeed.

Your thoughts?



  1. I agree with you. Community service in an animal shelter is perfect.

    • Either that or make clean 1,000 litter boxes! 😉

  2. […] She’d Better Be Sorry! […]

  3. My vote is that she clean out 1,000 little boxes!

    Having said that, after she does her penance we will have to forgive her as the Lord forgives. 🙂

    • Or better yet, let’s make it 10,000! That’ll learn her!

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