Posted by: L. E. Barnes | August 25, 2010

NOT Funny!

She claims to be a cat lover and that it was meant to be a joke. Oh, really… Watch this and decide for yourselves:

This footage (from England) was taken by a security camera at a private residence. According to news reports, the poor cat ended up in that trash can for 15 hours before finally being rescued. (It’s doing fine now, by the way.) The woman insisted that she didn’t mean any harm. I hope she did not–I also hope she has no cats of her own. Whatever her motives, she obviously can’t be trusted with animals!

I say we stuff her in a trash can for 15 hours! Maybe then she’ll think twice before pulling another “joke” like that. I would feel much more understanding and forgiving if the perpetrator had been a child or adolescent, as they typically aren’t good at thinking through the consequences of their actions. But a woman that age knows better.



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