Posted by: L. E. Barnes | August 11, 2010

An “F” in Spelling!

I just couldn’t resist passing this one along.

Here’s yet another example of declining educational standards here in the U.S. Imagine taking your child to school and seeing this:

Mommy, what does that spell?


This glaring spelling error appeared near South Guilford High School in North Carolina. Looks like the road contractor who did the job needed to go back to “shcool” himself! (But don’t worry, the embarrassing error has been fixed.)



  1. […] An “F” in Spelling! […]

  2. Hilarious. We should take every opportunity to enjoy irony.

    • Ironic indeed! That’s what happens when you let someone who must have flunked spelling to do jobs like that. Great object lesson for the kids! “You’d better study hard in school, or you’ll end up being a failed sign painter.”

  3. LOL! Yet another reason to home-school! 🙂

    • You may be right… Or at least don’t trust the school system to teach good spelling!

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