Posted by: L. E. Barnes | June 18, 2010

Defining “Prosperity”

In a previous post, I discussed my disagreement with the teachings of Joel Osteen. In the following short video, Fr. Robert Barron points out the main problem with what has been called the “prosperity gospel,” of whom Joel Osteen is a chief proponent.



  1. […] Defining “Prosperity” […]

  2. Very good answer to Osteen. We can’t sweep any book of the Bible under the carpet to satisfy a false teaching. Job is my hero and I hope to get great prosperity in the next world. All I want to do in this one is to keep setting one foot in front of the other following Christ and hope no demonic IED blows me up.

    • Barb,
      As Christ said, “Lay not up for yourselves treasure on earth.” But sadly, so many today are sucked into this “prosperity” mindset–prosperity to them meaning material abundance. The book of Job definitely shows the problem with the assumption that problems are necessarily caused by sin or a lack of faith or prayer.

  3. Great reminder to look at life from the supernatural perspective, with God’s eyes, rather than with our own short-sightedness.

    • Sweetmums,
      Exactly. That’s why it’s sad that so many Christians have bought into this “prosperity” teaching, thinking that it’s all about material things or money.

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