Posted by: L. E. Barnes | June 11, 2010

Propitious Moments

Fr. Robert Barron offers some excellent thoughts on the New Evanglization.



  1. […] Propitious Moments […]

  2. I think we first need a Great Catechization.

    • You’re probably right. Catholics as whole need to develop a better understanding of their faith, and then we can spread it to others. As things stand now, too many Catholics have a poor understanding of the Catholic faith–hence the large number of them that end up going over to evangelical or fundamentalist sects.

  3. I don’t know when this video was made, but it’s interesting that no mention was made about Pope Benedict XVI, who is, to me, one of the greatest catechists and evangelizers of our age.

    A priest I know once said that to witness to Christ our greatest work is to be the very best that we can be in whatever vocation God has called us to. If we know our Faith and act on it, we cannot fail. But most of the world will be really mad at us because the truths of Christianity are very inconvenient.

    Regarding the liturgy, it has become too worldly and trivialized in too many places. I am thankful that as a child I was taken to Church for all Sundays, feastdays, and often attended daily Mass. Another blessing is that I was taught by very orthodox religious. It’s amazing what Scripture I remember from those years. It has formed the backbone of my life and after many years of living outside the Church, I returned because I could find neither truth nor happiness anywhere else.

    • Since I wasn’t raised Catholic, I can’t really compare the current litrugy with what came before it. Some like the changes, while others don’t. I can’t say one way or the other.

      Yes, the truths of the Christian faith can really get in the way of people’s desires to do things their own way, so the world tries to dismiss it as a bunch of mean-spirited self-righteousness. But that’s nothing new. Christianity faced the same problem in its early days, yet it flourished.

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