Posted by: L. E. Barnes | June 4, 2010

Only One Answer

Today I’ll simply pass along the touching words from a scene in an Italian movie about St. Anthony of Padua. In the scene, which depicts an ordination mass, St. Anthony stands before the assembled friars and says

I wrote a sermon but I am not going to read it to you because I have a question to ask you. Why have you come here? What’s all this incense? Why have you put on your best clothes? We are here today to celebrate the young men who have embraced the cross of Christ. They have promised to help Him carry it. They have reached this moment coming from different and difficult paths following the light which illuminates the darkness of night. The light of Divine Providence. It is written that the Lord is the light. Each one of us dreams of Him at night and looks for Him in the morning.

The young men you see here today have done this. This is what the men who consecrate their lives to Christ do. They abandon the woman they love, forget their friends, they disappoint their father and abandon their mother. They say goodbye to pride, wealth, comforts, their homeland. Yet, they are not alone. They are no longer alone wherever they go. They take with them their loved ones, their friends, their mother, their father and their homeland because Christ is home and peace, adventure and tranquility. Because the questions are infinite. But there is only one answer: Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Beautifully said! Our Lord is the answer, and I pray that all the men who are being ordained to the priesthood this year always be comforted by that fact when struggling with questions and concerns. May the Lord bless them as they begin their life of service to Him and His Church.



  1. Beautiful. Amen.

    • Colleen,
      Yes, it’s very poignant. I haven’t researched to see if St. Anthony actually said this or if some dramatic license was taken. But it hits the nail on the head!

  2. […] Only One Answer […]

  3. Yes, yes, yes.

  4. Beautiful words from a marvelous saint. Thanks for sharing! The priesthood is such a great vocation. Those who are called are truly blessed. But they all need our prayers to help them fight against the spiritual forces of evil.


    Mary, Queen of Priests, pray for them. Help them to faithfully love and serve Jesus. Help them lead many souls to Jesus in the Eucharist!

    • Yes, may all the angels and saints intercede for them. God bless our priests!

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