Posted by: L. E. Barnes | May 9, 2010

Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival

Each Sunday blogger Rann, at This That and the Other Thing, hosts Sunday Snippets, where Catholic bloggers can post links to their sites. Please check it out!

Today is Mother’s Day here in the US. We honor our mothers, thankful for all they’ve done for us, especially for giving us the gift of life! I got my mother a bouquet of flowers and a cute card, and this afternoon my dad and I will take her out to lunch. (We decided not to go immediately after church, since doubtless the restaurants will be packed!). How about your family?

And I want to honor most of all the Blessed Mother, Mary, for saying yes to God and thus participating in God’s plan of redemption.

But tragically, there are women who choose to trash their motherhood–i.e., have an abortion. As a Catholic Christian, I of course find abortion unconscionable, not to mention downright perplexing. How any woman can talk herself into killing her unborn child is beyond me. And usually abortion is used simply as a form of birth control. God help us and forgive us.

I’ll share a touching video I came across on YouTube. It was posted by user “jesajasen,” who wrote the following in the video’s description (I’ve copied it as posted, spelling and punctuation errors included, but please don’t let them distract you from the message):

I created this video 3 years ago within minutes. I am a student. The reason why I made this video was to inform the people about the fetal development. The development about the unborn children.

There is one main reason, why I do this work. I talked to a lady. She wanted to know, how a baby in the 8th week looks like. I asked her, why she wants to know this. She told me, she had an abortion some weeks ago. Nobody told her before the abortion, that she would miss her child. I didn`t want to show her the pictures of the child in the 8th week, because I dodn`t want to shock her. But she wanted to see it.
That`s why I gave her the link. And her reaction after this, made me thinking about the situation we have with abortion. I really understood that many young woman don`t know, what really happens with the small body of the child. Many don`t know anything about the development of the child.
This lady, she really regreted her decision and told me that she would never do this again.

I understand that most women contemplating an abortion change their minds after seeing a ultrasound images of their unborn baby. That should come as no surprise.



  1. I think that this is something we need to concentrate on in our fight against abortion. We need to educate women as to what happens to them, to the baby, and how they will suffer for years afterward. Not enough is said to them about this. Abortion rights people will say they are pro women. But they aren’t. The “freedom of choice” is not a freedom at all. The woman will live in a prison of guilt and loss for years. Let us pray for them.

    • True. There’s a bumper sticker a number of prolife people have used that points out that 93% of women who get an abortion end up regretting it. Sad that so many have bought into all this rhetoric about “choice” and “women’s rights.”

  2. […] As a Catholic Christian, I of course find abortion unconscionable, not to mention downright perplexing. How any woman can talk herself into killing her unborn child is beyond me. And usually abortion is used simply as a form of birth … View full post on catholic – Google Blog Search […]

  3. Thanks for this post. I think most women who have abortions are in a state of panic and fear and are not thinking straight at all. Abortionists are the worst abusers of women on earth because they take advantage of someone who is confused and fearful, marking her for the rest of her life. It’s a good thing that American Life League has a program for women who are trying to recover from abortion.

    Also, I think that the woman who has an abortion does not know the meaning of love. It is so sad. Just thinking about this makes me want to redouble my prayers for an end to abortion. An end to abortion will mean a more loving world.

    • True, most, if not all, women who get an abortion are probably just thinking of the situation right in front of them. They’re not thinking long term, and they’re afraid. I once heard a woman who used to operate an abortion clinic speak about how money-driven the abortion industry is. She said it wasn’t really about women’s rights/freedoms at all. Abortion providers have one product to sell, and they sell it well.

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