Posted by: L. E. Barnes | April 20, 2010

10 People, 10 Minutes

A fellow blogger posted a list of ten people she would like to get the chance to spend ten minutes with. Since she’s Catholic, several of the people she chose didn’t surprise me, such as G. K. Chesterton, St. Mary, and Pope John Paul II. To my surprise, she also listed Mr. Rogers and Levar Burton. Hmmm…

 I would probably leave out Christ because, as did John in the book of Revelation, I would probably just fall “down at His feet as one dead” and not get to talk to Him about anything!

Off the cuff, I’d say my list would include the following personages:

  1. Adam (I think we all have a bone to pick with him!)
  2. St. Peter (the top apostle, and I want to hear some things about Christ the gospels don’t tell us)
  3. St. Paul (I’ve got theological questions for him)
  4. St. Mary (the Blessed Mother, she could sure tell us some stuff about her Son!)
  5. St. Joseph (for much the same reason as I would choose Mary)
  6. Moses (hey, he spoke with God many times!)
  7. Jeremiah (my favorite OT prophet)
  8. Abraham (after all, he’s the spiritual father of both Jews and Christians)
  9. Noah (so tell us about building that ark as well as life in the antediluvian world
  10. St. Augustine (one of the greatest father of the Church… had a heart and a brain that can scarcely be matched)

So who would be on your list and why?


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