Posted by: L. E. Barnes | March 23, 2010

It’s a Long, Long Climb…

An episode of Sesame Street that I remember seeing as a child showed some lizards, bugs, and other little critters trying to scale rocks and plantswhile a song played in the background: “It’s a long, long climb, but I’m gonna get there! I’m climbing to the morning sun.” I suppose that’s how I feel sometimes–I’m a tiny creature constantly struggling to surmount the obstacles life throws in my way, and I have to keep encouraging myself to keep going. To a human, a small rock or flower is not an obstacle, but to an insect it may seem like Mt. Kilimanjaro. Likewise, to a person with normal brain chemistry, life’s everyday problems may not be a big deal, but to a Highly Sensitive Person like me (one with a severe anxiety disorder to boot), even seemingly routine stressors can be nearly overwhelming. I frequently grow weary and at times feel like throwing in the towel. Struggling to get back on my feet mentally and emotionally sometimes seems more trouble than it’s worth; giving in to the urges to cut corners on my recovery efforts would be so easy.

Therese Borchard has an excellent reminder on her blog today of the reminder to stay the course in spite of the clamor of temptations to quit. She writes:

I came to the end of the day with some successes, and I realized that it’s definitely not the noteworthy achievements that should be celebrated if you are, like me, impaired by bad brain chemistry. It’s the days where you choose over and over again to get well, even though the other side is beckoning you to sleep in, eat pizza and ice cream, skip the exercise, and blow off work.

Churchill was right. The heights of great people aren’t reached in spectacular leaps or sudden flight. They take place in the mundane decisions on rainy days, when no one but the one fighting has a clue about the war of wills taking place, of the battle being fought in the name of health.

Thank you, Therese. You can read the entire post here. This reminds me of something my father told me about a boxer he had known.That fellow remarked how there were times during boxing matches when he was so tired he felt like giving up, but he said he would stay in the fight because he knew his opponent was just as tired as he was. So he held on–and won. 

It is indeed a long, long climb, but–with patience, persistence, and faith–I’m gonna get there!

In my last post, I mentioned taking a little online quiz to help you determine if you’re a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Here’s a link to it if you’re interested. And here’s a video clip by Therese Borchard in which she discusses traits of a HSP’s.

Blessings to all! And no matter your struggles, keep on keeping on!


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