Posted by: L. E. Barnes | March 14, 2010

Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival

Each Sunday RAnn provides a place for Catholic bloggers, such as your truly, to provide links to our posts. Please check them out. If you’re a Catholic blogger, be sure to add a link to your blog.

In my last post, I commented on a news story about a Baptist church in Tennessee distributing some tracts published by Jack Chick, an anti-Catholic fundamentalist. I have since learned that the Baptist church has said it will cease and desist from handing those infuriating pieces of propaganda (one of which you can read here–and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s so obviously ludicrous that it’s amazing anyone would take it seriously). Thankfully, they’re showing some sensibility… Too bad the pastor admitted (on TV!) that he had trusted Chick Publications to produce accurate religious tracts about Catholicism–a perfect example of why it’s important to check out your sources! Bishop Richard Stika of the Diocese of Knoxville issued a statement that both calls for ecumenism and discusses the Church’s position on the role of faith and works in salvation and the Real Presence in the Eucharist. The news story and Bishop Stika’s statement can be found here.



  1. Thanks for posting this. Speaking of ecumenism, Archbishop Chaput gave an excellent talk about the vocation of Christians in public life. Sandro Magister carried his address in full at chiesa. Here’s the link: He gave the Baptists a good history lesson in Houston and the subject matter would make for a good discussion topic. Bishop Stika sounds like a solid Catholic bishop, too.

    • And thanks for the link. Definitely something that we as Catholics need to think about!

  2. Glad for the update on this story! God bless!

    • God bless you too! Thanks for reading my post and commenting.

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