Posted by: L. E. Barnes | January 31, 2010

A Visit from Old Man Winter

I’m still here! Yes, once again I show myself the great procrastinator, always meaning to get around to adding a new post. Then other things come along, and I get sidetracked. I plan to get around to it, but too often don’t. Years ago, my dad had a little blue plastic disc with the words “Round Tuit” on it. He often kept it in his pocket when he went places and liked to show it to people. It was a cute little novelty item that played on the words “around to it” and was intended as a silly reminder to do what you needed to do rather than procrastinate. Maybe I should get one of those…

The semester is into its fourth week. So far, it appears my students are going to be easier to work with than some of the people I had last semester. At least I pray things will go more smoothly this time around. They will be turning in their first essays next week. As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, grading tends to be my least favorite part of being a composition instructor, in large part because of the tensions it can create between my students and me if they feel they should have received a higher grade on their work.

The other news in my little piece of the world is that Old Man Winter, as the post’s title suggests, decided at last to make his presence felt and blanketed the area in ice and snow. Of course, it wasn’t just our area; the entire region has been hit with snow storms. And though what we got is nothing compared to what northerners typically have to deal with, snow is a fairly rare treat for us here in eastern North Carolina, so we (well, probably the vast majority of us, anyway) always enjoy a little winter wonderland. Alas, that wonderland is always short lived; we have to savor it while we can. The weather reports on Friday were predicting a “wintry mix” (ice and freezing rain) that night and into Saturday morning. A few of my students said they wished it had happened on a weekday, so classes would be cancelled. Alas, no such luck.

I didn’t go to church today–but not because I wanted to just stay home, sleep in, and sip cocoa while admiring the snowy landscape. Our driveway was completely covered in snow and ice. Also, I didn’t know what condition the roads were in, and I have no experience whatsoever driving on icy roads. Yes, there are probably few creatures more helpless than southerners in winter! But thanks, Old Man Winter, for your gift.

Trees in winter attire


My mother, ever the animal lover, puts out seeds and nuts for the local birds and squirrels.


A little bit of our wintry landscape


Ice, ice, everywhere


Showing off its winter finery


I don't think the birds will be drinking out of those today, but Snoopy and Woodstock could enjoy a nice game of hockey on them!

Would someone please defrost me?



  1. Very pretty! How’s the thaw? The kids wimped out playing in this stuff. I think they had their fill when they were younger.

    • We’re all thawing out here. I asked my dad to drive me to PCC today, since I’ve no experience at all when it comes to driving on icy roads. But it turns out they were mostly dry. Once again, I prove to be overly cautious.

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